CSCI101 Justin Kortessis


I have many hobbies that i love to do on the weekends and even during the week  when I find the time. One of my favorite things to do is go fishing out on a lake with a few of the guys. Another hobby of mine is hunting, I  like to hunt all kinds of animals such as whitetail deer, a variety of ducks and morning doves. Hunting to me is a way to reconnect to nature and your past, its not about killing an animal its about the challenges that i am faced with to try and make the hunt sunccessful. Plus there is a certin aspect of skill that is required to be qualified as a good hunter.

Here is a few links that show where I fish and the types of fish I catch.

Florida Shellcracker

Large Mouth Bass

Freshwater Sturgeon

This is the Suwannee River ↓

Suwannee River


My interest are very strange for someone my age other then my life long interest in baseball. I am interseted in Asian food and craft beers. I have found myself in a very strange obsseion with Thai food and how it is made an exploring the taste of traditional Thai food. And another interest of mine is not only the drinking part of craft beer, but where it is from and how it is made. I want to work in a brewery when I am done with school so i an very intersted in new craft made beers of the areas in travel to. 

Craft beer

Thai Food